Children and Reincarnation

Children remain so much more open and receptive to spirit energies than adults because they were just Home! For them, seeing loved ones and spirit guides is a part of daily life. I find that it is around the ages of 6-7 when this either begins to fade or strengthen, and for many it will fade until their mid-late teen years, or sometimes even later into adulthood. Some, of course, never accept it back into their lives, or forget about it altogether.

Never tell a child they are imagining or making something up. If they tell you things that you know they did not experience in this life, encourage them to speak more by asking open ended questions! There is nothing scary about this, and often they can provide some beautiful insight and positive emotions to the whole family by being given the opportunity to speak freely about their memories, or even about what they currently see. Too often a frightened parent will message me about their child that just described their deceased grandparent – and that is such a beautiful validation of our lives continuing on after our experience here!

Has a child in your life ever said anything you have wondered about?…/

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