Questions and Answers about Courses

Question: “Why do you teach mediumship in levels and not just one course?”

Answer: The way I teach all of my courses is very spirit guide-based. That is, my guides and I work as a team (and previous students of mine can tell you all about this!), and so all of the content, exercises, meditations, etc. come directly from both my experiences as well as from my spirit guides. We feel that mediumship is a lifelong journey.

You will not be a medium in 2, 4, or 6 weeks. We provide a strong foundation of knowledge first with Mediumship Development Level 1, where students will learn about different kinds of mediumship, how to sense and work with energy, how to work in a safe, ethical, and responsible manner when connecting others with spirit, etc.

We then take you further on your journey as an Apprentice Medium in Mediumship Development Level 2 by providing teachings and real experiences with spiritual counselling, development circles, bringing forward messages from spirit, and eventually giving you the opportunity to practice readings in a supported environment with me attending and giving you the guidance needed to help you gain the confidence it takes to begin offering readings.
We give you the tools, guidance, and support you need for as long as you need it! The cost of these courses is very reasonable considering the amount of time and effort that goes into scheduling these practice readings, one-on-one mentoring sessions, etc.

Question: “Why do you not teach how to read photos?”

Answer: Because a medium, in my humble opinion, is a person that provides strong validation of whom they are connected with in spirit. I always tell my sitters before we start a reading that they are to tell me nothing beforehand! No names, dates, who they want to hear from, or what they want to hear about. When I connect with your energy, I work with spirit to bring through what spirit knows you need to hear, and it’s always the goal to provide you with details of whom we are bringing through that I couldn’t possibly know. This is what I do, have always done, and what I teach in my courses. I respect that every medium has their own unique way of working, and there’s nothing wrong with how anyone else does it – but this is the way I do it, and it is what you would learn with me.

Question: “If I were to take your courses, would I be a medium by the end of Level 2?”

Answer: I never tell anyone what they are or are not. It is simply not my place. I didn’t have these teachings when I was getting started, and just went with what felt right to me – for a long time I referred to myself as a Student Medium and then when I truly felt ready, I changed this to Medium. I find if someone calls themselves a medium too soon, they are not ready for the amount of requests they receive or questions they are asked. The last thing I want is to have anyone feel overwhelmed, and I teach that being a medium means taking on responsibilities to offer guidance, support, and counsel to those who need it. This is a lot to take on and should not be taken lightly. Mediumship can be fun, but there is a serious side to it, as people are often grieving and in need of strong support during what can be an extremely difficult time. So, I feel it is only right that you get to decide when you are ready to call yourself a medium. Either way, if you are a student of mine, you will always be able to come to me to ask for help, guidance, and support!

I hope this helps! Blessings ~ Michelle

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