Information About Readings


~ Readings can be a very spiritual and emotional experience. Please do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to your reading, as this can affect your energy.

~ You can expect to be connected with loved ones who have passed, as well as your own spirit guides. However, please let spirit lead the reading, as when the sitter (the person receiving the reading) attempts to control the conversation the connection with spirit could weaken.

~ To ensure that you have the best reading possible, please do not focus on whom you want to hear from, nor what it is you want to hear. Spirit will give you exactly what you need in this moment, and sometimes this differs from what we believe we want. If your energy is spent hoping to hear from someone or about something specific, you may miss all of the wonderful and loving messages that are being brought through for you.

~ Enter the reading with an open mind and a loving heart. It is ok to be skeptical, but if you refuse entirely to accept any message that is given to you, then your reading will not be the positive experience we want it to be! Do ask questions if you are unsure about the spirit or message coming through, but please remember that this is an experience for you to connect with your loved ones in spirit.

~ Michelle will not predict when asked regarding pregnanices, fertility, medical problems, financial issues, or anything that would be considered as interferring in your path or another’s path. If medical or financial information comes through for you, this is from spirit alone, and you must remember that at no point should you ever take medical advice from a medium. The guidance brought to you from spirit is for you to follow up with a medical professional, and Michelle is not responsible for this information. It is important to also note the Michelle is a medium and not a fortune teller. A medium is a person in the physical world who can connect with the spirit world.

What Else You Should Know About Readings

~ You must be 18 and over to receive a reading; and despite the spiritual nature of the experience, they should be considered for entertainment purposes.

~ If you have to reschedule your reading, please give Michelle at least 24 hours notice.

~ When you book your reading, please leave either a phone number or an email address so you can be contacted to book your reading.

~ Lastly, relax and have fun! Your loved ones and spirit guides are just as excited to make contact with you, and this should be a loving, joyful experience for everyone.

© 2016 Medium Michelle Stokotelny