About Michelle



“I am not gifted – we are all able to connect with our loved ones and spirit guides.” Michelle Stokotelny

Michelle became aware of her abilities from a young age, as she constantly felt drawn to helping people through their most difficult times, and seemed to have the words flowing through her to help those who requested guidance. She learned quickly into her teens that this guidance was coming from spirit, and that she was to develop as a spiritual medium. There was no other path in this life that resonated with Michelle, and so she set out to learn about and experience all that spiritual healing and mediumship entailed.

Within a few years of developing, Michelle began to give public demonstrations of spirit communication and healing, as well as private readings, spiritual counselling, and mentorship to developing mediums. She now provides private readings internationally to people in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia,  Australia, and more. She has been teaching courses on spiritual healing, spirit guides, mediumship development,  and more for years, and does so now online with students from all areas of the world. Michelle also holds live mediumship events for every solstice and equinox, with proceeds from the ticket sales going to worthy causes.


Michelle’s readings are given in a loving, compassionate way, as her belief about all work with spirit is that it should come from a place of deep gratitude and humility. She works with her amazing team of spirit guides to provide comforting, accurate, and loving messages from those in the spirit world to the people who miss them most.

If you are interested in booking a reading with Michelle, or learning more about her classes, please see the above links, or send her a message with any questions to may have!

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