Spirit Guided Wellness Festival 2018


On Sunday, November 25th we raised money and brought in donations of food and toys for the  Christmas Cheer Board!  If you attended the festival, thank you so much for your generosity and support! Here are the amazing vendors and speakers who helped make this event a spectacular success:

Indigo Green Healing and Undici Healing Elements
ighMarci Sealey of Indigo Green Healing will be offering spirit art readings. She will connect with a loved one in spirit or a spirit guide and create an image that represents them along with providing their message! Contact her to pre-book your session!
udhGiovanna Rossing will be selling window charms and car charms, and taking orders for custom bracelets and anklets. Window and car charms range from $25 – 40.

Prebook a chakra balance and empowerment session via Messenger (limited spots) and get a charm. Sessions are approximately 10 – 15 minutes each and can be booked between 10am – 12pm. Cost of this is $30. Facebook ♥ Instagram

Middle Woman Mediumship and Reiki and Flow with Spirit
mwmrKrista Kehler-Menard of Middle Woman Mediumship and Reiki is a spiritual medium and level 2 Reiki Practitioner. What you can expect from a mediumship reading with her is evidence that she am connected with you and your loved one in spirit. She will bring through information about you and your path, and will validate who the spirit person is that has come to provide you with a message. During a Reiki session she will focus universal healing on your various chakra points. If you are curious about mediumship or Reiki and would like a reading, a healing, or both, please come by!  You can also pre-book your session by contacting her!

fwsCorrie Clearwater of Flow with Spirit is a spiritual medium who will connect you with your loved ones and spirit guides in a gentle and healing manner. She brings forward validation, along with peaceful encouragement to help you live your best life! You can pre-book your appointment with her, or come by her table at the event.


Tina Janette of OM@Work is looking forward to offering you a moment of peace and relaxation. Tina is a certified Master Reiki Practitioner and has been practicing the gentle healing art of Indian Head Massage for over 20 years. Her work as a Spiritual Medium is based on evidential readings in combination with the assurance that Love can never be broken from this world to the next. Pre-book your appointment by contacting her at TinaJanette3@gmail or meet up at her table.

Young Living Essential Oils
YLThievesDr. Maria Di Bernardo has practiced chiropractic in Winnipeg since completing her degree at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1992. She has devoted time to the study of acupuncture in Sri Lanka and often incorporates this in the treatment of more resistant problems.

Dr. Maria has studied NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) since 2002. She uses this method in her practice daily to alleviate symptoms of allergies such as lactose intolerance, digestive disorders, environmental and seasonal allergies.

Dr. Maria is also passionate about the Young Living Essential oils and their healing properties. She uses them daily to encourage her patients continued healing for pain management and promoting better health.

Flame Readings by Lyn
frblLyn Woligroski is a Winnipeg-based flame reader. She intuitively interprets the smoke markings on your paper which can show information and messages about loved ones (both in the physical and in spirit), trips, animal companions, career guidance, and more. You will be amazed what will be revealed during your flame/psychometry reading! Be sure you pre-book your appointment!

ChiChi Designs
ccdErnelda of ChiChi Designs is originally from Colombia, South America, ChiChi has been creating jewelry for over 25 years. All jewelry is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, using the finest materials. Each piece she designs is a unique treasure, an inspired work of art which she personally handcrafts from special gemstones that are carefully selected for their quality and unique properties. 

Sue Nestruck
snDo you have questions about your relationship with your animal companion? Why they do certain things, how they feel about other family pets and members or worried about their health?

Through animal communication we can listen to their thoughts, feelings and profound wisdom. Allowing us to have a deeper understanding of the love they bring to our lives.
I will be doing 10 – 15 min readings between 10 am -12 pm.

nJackie is 33 years old and a mother of two.  She became a Norwex independent consultant after her mom had signed up and was telling her how great the product is and how much better it is for your health.  She wants to make your house cleaner and greener and save money doing so.  Facebook

Energetic Explorations

eeJennifer will be offering 15 minute BodyTalk sessions on a donation basis. She welcomes you to come and receive a session or to ‘play as practitioner’ as she walks you through the process from her side of the table.

BodyTalk is a beautifully gentle healing modality that zeros in on very specific areas that the client’s body indicates are it’s top priorities to be balanced. Every session is different and completely personalized for the client.


mssgpGuided Meditation and Information from Spirit
Join us as Michelle takes you on a beautiful guided meditation, raising the vibrations and healing energies with music from the spirit drum! Afterwards, she will provide some encouraging insight about how to navigate the difficult emotions that can sometimes arise during the holiday season, providing guidance from spirit about reducing stress and anxiety while practicing mindfulness and choosing peace.

Yoga in the Form of Body Rolling
In this approach to self healing, practitioners will first go through a series of basic reclined yoga poses, to cultivate sensitivity, breath awareness, and the mindfulness necessary to dive deeper into their physical tissues with the yoga ball. As a facilitator I can gauge the students’ tight spots, pain threshold and willingness to ease up and accommodate limitations with these initial poses. I then determine the best route to take with the body rolling, which employs the attributes of a therapeutic yoga practice with the far reaching benefits of deep tissue massage.

The vision of this approach is that students develop the skills and strategies to best release their muscular holding patterns that otherwise inhibit them from being pain and tension free.
They can develop a self practice that is then tailored to their specific needs and learn how to release physical blocks and benefit from the structural changes that each session provides

jocee1Body Talk Information
Jen is currently running a BodyTalk practice out of Sacred Places. She co-ordinates classes for BodyTalk and MindScape instructors and more! You can learn more about her offerings on her website. She will be discussing what Body Talk is during the event!

msigh“Are you Hiding your Light Under a Basket?”

Are you hiding your gifts, or your true authentic self from other people so you can fit in or be accepted?

We all do this to certain extent, but when it affects us in an emotional way than we are really not honouring who we truly are and not living up to our true potential. Come join me in this light discussion as I share my path and the changes I made on my spiritual journey. This is my journey and how I found my authentic self. Where are you in your journey?

Peace Cards

Michael Wolch is looking forward to sharing information about his Peace Card affirmation deck!

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